Made by top European manufacturer, the Power Shot is a professional electric air cannon system designed for stage, show and event use. Although we are based in Melbourne, Powershot Confetti Cannons are available across Australia in complete kits from 2 - 20 Powershots our hire kits are simple to use and require no specialist knowledge to deploy. Each Power Shot hire kit comes complete with the Powershot cannons, all necessary power and link leads (in lengths to suit your Event), and a two channel Effect Controller with safety key and fire button (as well as cannon safety chains and Truss clamps should you need them).

They also come complete with the Powershot cartridges in your choice of fill and colour, so there's everything that you need in the one box. 

Powershot hire kits are perfect for all sorts of events, just at home in Theatres and on professional touring shows as they are on your local School Stage, they are the ideal choice.

Handhend Confetti Cannon 40cm Blaso Pyrotechnics

Handheld Confetti Cannons

Blaso Pyrotechnics Hand held Confetti Cannons are essentially a professional party poppers fired with a simple twist of the base projecting confetti up to 12metres! A convenient, cost effective alternative and versatile confetti effect perfect for being fired from areas where you simply can mount fixed confetti cannon or to achieve professional results on a budget!

Available in 40cm and 80cm cartridges.  Handheld cannons can be custom filled so if you have a particular colour preference or requirement please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate your request. 


Hasta la vista, baby!! This extremely festive weapon goes into battle with boring events, our Confetti Guns have 3 channels with a built-in battery, so you can freely walk around with it on stage totally bringing a new meaning to 'shooting confetti'. Awesome!


The Swirl Fan XL  is designed to create a silent rain of confetti. The Swirl Fan XL can be mounted in a truss or roof beam and can be easily controlled by connecting the machine(s) to a dimmer or a dimmer pack and using a dmx controller. Its major advantage is that multiple machines can be controlled all together by one operator. The Swirl Fan XL can be filled up with 3kgs of paper confetti or 4kgs of metallic glitter confetti. When the Swirl Fan XL is controlled at full speed, the machine will fan out the confetti continuously for approximately 4 - 6 minutes. It’s also possible to fill the machine with paper snow confetti to create a low noise snow effect. Because it’s low noise fan, the machine is perfect for theatres and television and fashion shows.



The Mini Blower is a compact confetti machine, lightweight, portable and extremely easy to handle and truss mountable.. With its' specially designed inside flexible hose and special wand attachments, it can vacuum and shoot out confetti continuously, to approximately 5-7m ideal for medium or small venues providing a great confetti coverage and effect. 

Confetti LED Blower Blaso Pyrotechnics

Confetti LED Blower

This newly designed confetti machine uses a high powered fan as driving force to blow confetti approx. 6 metres. It is very compact and very convenient to use. With 6pcs 8W LED allows the light to accentuate the glitter and reflection of the confetti to be easily visible in nightclubs and stage performances. It is easily controlled from the display manually, via remote or DMX.


Blaso Pyrotechnics Super Blasters, the most powerful confetti blasters, are famous from many large events and sports games. Our Super Blaster’s can be used in medium size venues like clubs and stages. The Super Blaster XL is designed for large venues like arenas, stadiums and large outdoor events!

Big and impressive, these Co2 powerted confetti blasters deliver vast amounts of confetti very quickly and with a spectaucular noise and a cold Co2 blast. We have two sizes of confetti blasters available for hire, our smaller Mini-Blasters are great for most clubs and for TV studios where you want a large effect - between 1-2 kilos of confetti per minute - but don't need to throw confetti more than 8m.

Our larger Mega-Blasters are real monsters and can throughput up to 10-15 kilos of confetti per minute with up to a 25m throw, so these are great for large dance events, Festivals or for Arena or Stadium events, but can be run at lower pressures when you don't need quite such a big effect.

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