No matter if you have a Night Club refurbishment project or a Theatre set, we can install almost any type of pyrotechnic or special effect and incorporate it seamlessly into you production.

In the past we've worked with set designers to install effects into stages and stage sets, into props, trailers and even into vehicles! We've designed foam machines for videoclips, put flame effects into guitars, built pyrotechnics into a rather spectacular machine gun effect and range of different magic tricks.

Whether you need effects that can run for a single performance or a six month run, want a permanent Co2 Jet install for your Theme Park or want to put Co2 Jets into your Club room we have the expertise and the equipment to do the job.  

We can specify, source, import and supply almost any type of effect and will quote for both long and short term supply, we're also happy to quote for the hire and maintenance of pyro controllers & holders, SFX equipment and consumables from confetti products to smoke fluids and Co2 cylinders for both one-off Events and long running shows and tours.

At Blaso Pyrotechnics we offer a complete SFX design service, right through from your creative sketches to manufacture and installation, to in-show maintenance and tech support, to show end and equipment storage.

From your initial enquirey a project manager will be able to let you know what is technically possible, what is the most cost effective way of attaining the desired effects and can organise a quote either via ourselves, or where appropriate direct from one of our suppliers.

Once commissioned we can arrange professional installation and training on all of the products we supply and we back up our service with fully trained staff available at all times for technical support and emergency maintenance.


CO2 Jets are always a stunning effect and having your new system professionally installed will not only help you to get the best effect for your audience, it will also minimise CO2 usage and keep your running costs down.  

At Blaso Pyrotechnics we have some of the best CO2 Equipment on the Market, from our Cryo Jet II COJets, to our massive Thunder Jets for large night clubs and Festivals..

This means that from effect design to cylinder handling and storage, we can advise you on the best way to deploy any system and how to monitor it's safe usage. For those that just need CO2 Jets for a single event or a Tour, we have equipment available for both short and long term hire.

For clubs and music venues we offer a completely bespoke installation service with hoses and cables made on-site to exact lengths and wired back to either one of our EC range of effect controllers, or to your own DMX desk via specially designed ForceFX DMX switch packs.

We can also help you to expand your existing system, replace old or leaking hoses, or carry out safety and maintenance checks on-site at your venue.  

If you need a CO2 jet installation for a Theatre season or show, or need a special effect constructed into a set or parade float then we can help. From fire breathing dragons to steam whistles and from fighter entrances to rocket motor simulations we've done them all.

So whatever kind of CO2 installation you need, call us now on 1800 069 007 or drop us a line via our contact form and we'll be pleased to help.



1800 069 007

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