dry ice machines

Blaso Pyrotechnics Dry Ice Machines utilise Dry ice Pellets to create a blanket cloud of low lying smoke, with straightforward operation and variable output. If you want that magical and dense cloud like effect then our dry ice machines can certainly create that. 

  • The ultimate dense cloud like smoke effect.
  • Wedding First Dance / Bridal Waltz must have!
  • Ruggedly constructed and totally portable.
  • Straightforward operation and variable output.
  • Options for ducting and creating fog curtains.
  • Available for Hire - With or Without technician.

The traditional dry ice machine, the Pea Souper is lightweight, yet powerful. The rate of flow is easily controlled, and the unit’s 9kg dry ice capacity gives approximately 5 minutes of fog production.

Suitable for a 15 foot x 25 foot area - two units do a great job on a standard 20 foot x 40 foot stage when one is placed at each end.

We are able to provide a turnkey production with one of our professional operators that will be able to deliver and setup the machine and operate the Dry Ice during your desired scenario within your event or we also hire out our Dry Ice Machines that are custom fitted in cases for pickup from our warehouse.

If you are planning a wedding, excellent rates are available when combined with one of our wedding firework displays and indoor packages. Please feel free to call us on 1800 069 007 to discuss your requirements.