freeze fog pro / low smoke generators

Blaso Pyrotechnics Freezefog Pro creates a powerful, controllable, low-lying smoke effect or fog curtain using specially formulated low smoke fluid. Perfect for stage and theatre, clubs, catwalks and arenas for the coldest, thickest, floor hugging, low-lying, white smoke effect available.

This machine is considered the best and is the preferred choice for theater stages, film sets, clubs, tours and theme parks around the world. The fog is non toxic and will leave no residue on any surface.

  • Powerful, controllable and low-lying smoke effect.
  • Long lasting and residue free.
  • Remains low lying and does not rise.
  • Ideal for large venues and outdoor use.
  • Options for ducting and creating fog curtains.

The Freezefog is a smoke chiller unit, designed to be used in conjunction with a smoke machine to produce an extremely powerful low smoke effect. The smoke machine uses a specially formulated low smoke fluid to generate smoke which is pumped into the Freezefog unit where it combines with liquid CO2

Available for events across Australia for Dry Hire or with a Technician. Contact us for further information.