Co2 FX are one of our most versatile Effects and popular hires with demand always high, we pride ourselves in keeping more Co2 equipment in our inventory than just about any one else in Australia.

We have a range of options available whether so whether you need Co2 Jets to enhance a conference or corporate event, Co2 Guns for your performance or DJ set, are organising a festival, concert, stadium or arena tour and need turnkey production, logistics and technicians across Australia, are looking to hire or buy Co2 jets for your nightclub or club night, or need something special for a theatre production, we would love to hear from you!

All of our hire Co2 Jets and gear are the same type of top quality, high end and reliable equipment that we use on our own shows and tours, so you can be sure that when you hire from us you'll be getting the same quality effect that top shows and tour managers demand for their artists.


Blaso Pyrotechnics are the first to introduce the brand new PSYCO2JET by MAGICFX to the stages of Australia, an innovative moving CO2 effect with 180° nozzle output and super fast movement.


Co2 Jets are a spectacular, safe and versatile addition to any stage, performance, venue or event creating an instantaneous or continuous column of white (cloud) mist, reaching heights up to 8-12m in a split second and will disappear as quick as it appears. 


Our high performance LED Co2 Jets equipped with 27 high-power (5W) LEDs blast huge plumes of coloured cryo columns, producing a safe spectacular visual effect that add noise, colour and excitement to all kinds of shows and events.



These Mini LED Jets are a sibling to our full size LED Jets. They create the same awesome effect as their big brother, but on a smaller scale. These Jets are ideal for smaller venues that don’t have tall ceilings, or have a small dance area. 

Co2 Guns

Co2 Guns offers a incredible visual effect by producing an 6m white cryogenic fog plume. The gun is lightweight, and extremely easy to use. With no power required, these CO2 Guns are extremely portable a great effect for suitable for indoor & outdoor use at concerts, clubs and sporting events. 


Perfect for cooling down crowds and outdoor summer festivals and events! Blaso Pyrotechnics Water Cannons are used to create a projection of water mist over the audience projecting 5 Litres of water per cannon in an instant burst / spray powered by Liquid Co2. 

MagicFX Power Jet

Power jets

The Power Jet is a magnificent and extreme Co2 effect. With one single output pipe, but connected to 4 CO2 bottles you can create a massive burst of CO2. Create your Ibiza effect! The output is larger and bigger as you have ever seen! 


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