flame FX are one of our FAVOURITES AND SPECIALITIES! flames are our most requested and versatile special effects and often seen On stages, in music videos / tv, at festivals and sporting events across australia!

Fire has the power to both attract and captivate. As a feature of an event, the warmth, light, movement and power that it has will enhance the atmosphere or entertain with rapidly changing jets and fireballs. Blaso Pyrotechnics have some of the most unique and amazing Flame Fx available in Australia and have the ability to shoot out flames on command, design choreographed flame shows to time-code or integrate flames into props or set pieces. Whatever Flame effect you have in mind for your next event, show or tour we will make sure its done right, safe, compliant and of course look amazing!


Blaso Pyrotechnics Flame Systems are a very versatile flame effect that offers a number of interesting features. It can be used indoor and outdoor, for any special effect application, wirelessly controlled and a variable flame height from 2-9metres!

Wave Flamers

Introducing the FIRST in Australia and exclusive to Blaso Pyrotechnics - The ground breaking X2 Wave Flamers. This compact new flame effect can produce flames up till 9 meter high that can rotate in 1 direction for 210° with endless creative possibitlies!


Blaso Pyrotechnics Flame Bars can make gas flame burn up to 40-60 cm high composed of flame burner and 3 x 1.5m sections that can be used individually or joined to make 4.5metre lengths of Dragons Tail! One of the only systems of its kind in Australia 


Probably the most extreme, most bad ass Flame Effect in Australia! Blaso Pyrotechnics Power-Flames are a special effect device with an extreme flame height of up to 20 meters! This flame projector is fuelled by standard gas cylinders and uses nitrogen to create the needed pressure.


Blaso Pyrotechnics have a range of Flame Pastes and Fire Gels for a range of applications. Clean burning with a bright orange flame and virtually smoke free. Ideal and safe for indoor use and theatre stages.


Blaso Pyrotechnics Fake Flames are the perfect and safe simulated flame effect produced by illuminating from below a flame shaped silk which is blown upwards and pulsated by a powerful fan. The units can ‘burn’ all night and have the ability to select various colours or colour changing effects.


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