"Do you sell Fireworks / Can I buy Fireworks from you" etc.
No and No. It is illegal for the public to use or possess fireworks and will result in large fines let alone the dangers and risks involved.

"I am organising an event, how much is fireworks"
There are so many variables and considerations that go into each and every job regardless how big or small including product, consumables, paperwork, insurances, labour time, equipment, transport and would rather provide you with a more specific and tailored quote so that you are able to understand what is involved and what you are paying for, rather than a ballpark amount over the phone. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss what you have in mind.

"Do you sell Dry Ice?"
No we don't not sell dry ice directly, call Supagas or BOC Gas and Gear, if you need advise or assistance give us a call happy to help.

"Can we get Confetti FX for our event with the colours of our choice?
Yes. We have a huge range of paper or metallic confetti / streamers up to 3 different colours of your choice. Generally recommend either 2 separate colours (ie. Metallic Silver and Metallic Blue / Metallic Gold and Metallic Purple) or using a combination of materials and colours (ie. Metallic Silver, Metallic Blue and Blue Paper or Red Paper, Metallic Red and Black Paper) etc.

"What happens if it rains?"
Unfortunately, weather is really unpredictable particularly in Melbourne and just like any other event that is planned for outdoors there is always going to be a margin of risk relating to weather, in a perfect world it wont rain, it wont be windy, the conditions will be perfect and still.... most of the time this is the case.... other times we have faced the worst conditions imaginable, torrential rains, wind, display sites washed out, technicians completely saturated, but the fireworks were dry and the show still fired!  A Professional Fireworks Display can go ahead in most weather conditions, even conditions under which the general public would not expect a fireworks display, so don't let this overly concern you.

"What happens if its a day of total fire ban?"
A total fire ban is declared by the CFA, firework displays generally do NOT get an exemption. The CFA has the FINAL decision with regard to firework displays on days of Total Fire Ban.

A show has never been cancelled by us due to adverse weather or any other reason, apart from the direction of the CFA when a Total Fire Ban has been declared. We will always discuss with the client a potential problem, and will always seek an amicable cancellation decision, which would in almost every circumstance be based purely on the safety of the Audience and / or Firing Crew..

"I am interested in purchasing a Confetti / Co2 system for my venue, can Blaso Pyrotechnics do me a good package deal?"
YES Absolutely! We offer a completely bespoke installation service with hoses / cables made to exact lengths and wired back to either one of our effect controllers, or to your DMX desk via specially designed DMX switch packs. We can also help you to expand your existing system, replace old or leaking hoses, or carry out safety and maintenance checks on-site at your venue well qualified to advise you on both suitability and safety as well as being able to offer you the best possible value for money.

Whatever kind of installation you need, give us a call on 1800 069 007 or drop us a line via our contact page, and we'll be pleased to help and provide you with a great package price.


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