Sparkular Mini

Sparkular Mini


The Sparkular Mini is the newest innovation available for indoor pyrotechnics with its DMX controlled gerb simulator. The Machines use Sparkular Mini Powder 50g packets which lasts 3-4 minutes and enable the user to regulate the height and duration of the spark effect. 

The highlight of the Sparkular Mini is that as a non pyrotechnic titanium powder the Sparkular Mini effect gives you total control without any explosive content. One of its biggest safety features is that unlike a pyrotechnic effect like a gerb you can turn the Sparkular off at any moment, great for risk assessments! 

/ SPECIAL FEATURES - Sparkular Mini

  • Up to 4 minutes of shoot time per powder packet

  • No smell from pyro

  • Easy set up multiple locations

  • Height - adjustable from 1 - 3 meters

  • Indoor / Outdoor usage

/ SPECIFICATIONS - Sparkular Mini

  • Effect height: Up to 3 meters

  • Size: 16.8x18x22.8 cm

  • Weight: 4.5 kg

  • Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz

  • Spark direction: Vertical

  • Power: 300W

  • Consumption: Sparkular Mini Powder 50g

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