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Fireworks have been used for centuries to commemorate special occasions and a recognised universal symbol of celebration, excitement and happiness. Fireworks instil a sense of positivity into the mind, which is why what we do is so fulfilling and enjoyable.  We work in a professional and safe environment which is reflected though our work, customer satisfaction and ability to deliver results beyond expectations. Our success is based on our drive to create both the safest and most spectacular shows possible

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you’re organising an event, getting married, celebrating an occasion, launching a product or anything in between and are considering Fireworks, Pyrotechnics or Special Effects at your event, we would like to thank you in advance for considering Blaso Pyrotechnics and hope that we have the opportunity to make your event unique and unforgettable.

Feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call on 1800  069 077. We always prefer to have a chat about your ideas first to get to know exactly what you have in mind, to ensure we can make appropriate recommendations


The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step...

Our team has evolved over the years, from what started as the passion of one person has now become the enthusiasm of many. From backgrounds in music and entertainment industry, trades, accounting, banking and event management, each member of the team brings a unique skill that enables us to create presentations, displays and effects with such care an pride and and have allowed us to be apart of spectacular events that we are so proud to put the Blaso Pyrotechnics name to.

We have a dedicated team of experienced pyrotechnicians and staff who will work closely with you from concept to clean-up taking care of absolutely everything. A huge amount of experience, know-how and creativity come with every effect we design; you can rest assured that the results will be amazing!

You may not have heard of us but you probably just may have seen our work, check out our Inspiration page for some further insight into who we are, case studies and constantly growing event portfolio.


Our success is based on our drive to create the safest, most memorable and spectacular fireworks and special effects presentations and displays possible.

Planning your fireworks and special effects can be puzzling if you are not sure what you want and what is available. We provide professional advice to assist meeting your requirements and creating whatever you envision. Whatever your venue, whatever the occasion, whatever you want! (As long as it's safe to do so). 

There are many considerations in planning and executing a fireworks or pyrotechnics display or integrating special effects into your event. The good news is when you contact us, we create a turnkey production allowing you to focus on all of the other aspects of your event. Our goal is to provide the smoothest, safest and hassle free booking possible for you to concentrate and focus on other aspects of your event.

When it comes to staging a brilliant display, no job is too big – or small and we have the perfect pyrotechnic solution for every budget! 


Once you have seen the types of fireworks and special effects we offer please get in touch with us and let us know your ideas and thoughts. We will first listen to what you have in mind, then we will discuss some suitable recommendations with you to create an effective solution that will exceed your expectations.


Blaso Pyrotechnics will tailor and create a package to suit your requirements and supply you with a detailed proposal and quotation. The proposal will outline the desired scenario and integration within the event, your venue location, style, colour themes and budget and will send this for your perusal and approval.



We work closely our clients making sure each job is unique and are individually designed.  As a general guide, we advise to book, at minimum, 1-2 months prior to your event. This will allow us sufficient time to plan and coordinate any fireworks or pyrotechnics presentations. Less lead time is required for special effects (Confetti Effects, Dry Ice, Flames etc) and in some cases is quite possible to have organized last minute but to avoid disappointment best get in touch with us sooner than later.



Blaso Pyrotechnics will liaise with your venue and all relevant stake holders to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything at all. Every event we are invited to be involved in is truly an honour which is reflected though our work, customer satisfaction and ability to deliver results beyond belief! 

anything is possible as long as its safe to do so...

Of course there's a serious side to what we do and basically to buy, operate or discharge any sort of Pyrotechnics or Fireworks within Australia you need to hold the appropriate license obtained through the according state body ie. Worksafe Victoria and requires extensive training on field and off field to get this license. Safety and experience when working with pyrotechnics is paramount and due to the actual nature of the industry, it is highly regulated which is why you require a licensed pyrotechnician to operate firework displays or any pyrotechnic presentation.

We are extremely safety conscious and our product range only comprises of equipment, materials and consumables from the top manufacturers in the industry and proudly bring the world’s best pyrotechnic product and special effects to the stages and events of Australia ensuring the highest quality, spectacular and most reliable effects available worldwide.

Each and every display and presentation includes the following at minimum and as standard:

  • Full Public Liability Insurance. We are Insured up to $20,000,000 just for your peace of mind.
  • Site or venue inspection with mandatory risk assessments.
  • All government licensing and notification documents provided to Worksafe, local municipality and relevant fire authority.
  • The attendance of a fully trained, qualified and licensed pyrotechnician.
  • Pyrotechnic design and effects scenario, firing cues and/or colour matching to tailor your event.
  • Only high standard, reliable and quality pyrotechnic firing systems used both wirleess and wired.
  • Assurance only quality effects are used renowned for being the most spectacular and safest svailable.
  • Suitable first aid & fire fighting equipment, extinguishers and fire blankets to be on hand for all displays.
  • We liaise with all parties and relevant stake holders involved to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • We communicate with you, our client, at all times to keep you informed of where we are at with regards to your booking.

We comply strictly with all safety regulations. Since launching Blaso Pyrotechnics, we have really strived to achieve, develop and maintain a reputation for delivering unique and pioneering displays, presentations and effects working alongside some of Australia'’s leading entertainment and production companies, touring artists, record labels; at some of the most prestigious and revered venues.