Big ass tour - the AMITY affliction & a day to remember

We were invited by The Amity Affliction and A Day To Remember on their co-headline 'Big Ass Tour' to provide turnkey production and provision of a range of special effects for their shows across Australia and New Zealand.

The tour featured an absolute mess of confetti with 4 Stadium Shots used by both A Day To Remember and The Amity Affliction. The cannons were shot on cue at the start of both bands sets producing an unrivalled massive hit of confetti at just the right moment and were then refilled with air and shot barrels reloaded throughout the bands sets for a final hit of confetti in the last songs. 

Both A Day to Remember and The Amity Affliction had a heap of Co2 with 10 Jets on the tour as well as a range of splitters, custom Co2 manifolds with bleed valves, various lengths hoses. The Co2 Cryo Jets were lined across the front of stage as well as mounted overhead in the lighting truss dumping Co2 into the audience, an excellent effect to cool everyone down and drop the temperature.

The Amity Affliction's set included our wireless Flame System to produce rolling fireballs and flaming columns on cue. Flames always bring shows to life and can really draw the audience deeper into the performance. They will not only see and hear the performance, but also feel the radiated heat bringing them even closer to what's happening on stage. Fire is just so captivating and always brings that wow factor!

We also provided The Amity Affliction with our custom Water Cannons which were used to create a projection of water mist
over the audience on cue at the start of their last song, as the band sung 'Let the ocean take me..' the water cannons were fired dumping 5 Litres of water per cannon in an instant 2 second burst showering the crowd. A surprising and refreshing effect to say the least!

FX/Pyrotechnicain - Luke Fenech

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BLUNT MAG: "Bursting onstage to a shower of rainbow confetti, the Floridian pop-moshers kicked things off right... The mosh pit to end all mosh pits broke out as a net of balloons dropped from the ceiling and the stage became awash with fire, smoke, lights and confetti..."

FASTER LOUDER: "Opening with ‘Open Letter’ and a blast of confetti was a definite surprise... With personalised “AMITY” balloons dropping from the ceiling, fire jets on stage and water guns firing into the crowd, the band cut no corners in their stage production. Finishing with an encore of ‘Pittsburgh’ and ‘Don’t Lean On Me’, complete with another round of confetti, they managed to win over ever last disbeliever..."