Party time! Confetti brightens up any room and the twirling pieces of coloured paper ensure a colourful spectacle at any event. Our Slowfall Paper Confetti, sized 55 x 17mm, comes in bags of 1kg and cartons of 10kg, so that you can scatter quite a bit of it around! Our rectangular confetti is designed to give the best 'flutter' effect and to 'slow-fall' so it hangs in the air as long as possible.

Confetti can also be used in combination with certain shooters, cannons, swirlers, blowers and blasters or thrown by hand and used for decoration, filling balloons only the best quality.


Metallic Confetti also known as 'Mylar' is different from the regular matte Slowfall Paper Confetti. These pieces of PVC have a layer of reflecting material, creating a beautiful glitter effect when the light hits them. They really enhance a festive atmosphere at parties or in clubs. Metallic confetti comes in bags of 1kg and cartons of 10kg, so that you can scatter quite a bit of it around!


If you are looking for unique confetti to use in your stage show or event, we offer a wide range of paper and metallic shaped confetti to suit all your needs. Great for themed events: why not use our red heart confetti for a Valentine’s Day themed party or snow flake shaped confetti for your Winter Wonderland event? Not only can they be loaded into our handheld or electric cannons and fired across the room or outside, our shapes also make excellent decorations to brighten up any table display.

Regular options available off-the-shelf include white snowflakes, petal confetti, circles, love hearts, stars and more. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we offer other options that are available to order. Confetti shapes can be bought in bulk for larger events and venues, or can be purchased in smaller quantities for personal use. Make your event one to remember!


Do you want to create an impact at your event but the venue doesn’t allow confetti? Streamers are the answer!

Streamers will fly through the air, unrolling as they go like colourful shooting stars. The vivid colours catch the light and shimmer as they whiz over your guests. What’s more is they quickly become fashion accessories as everyone dashes to pick them up and wear them. Clean up? What clean up! Easy to pick up once the event is over which provides a great alternative to confetti!