Handheld Cannons are like super party poppers fired with a simple twist of the base projecting confetti up to 12m and streamers to 20m! A convenient, cost effective and versatile confetti / streamer effect to achieve professional results on a budget!

Disposable one shot handheld confetti cannons. Our handheld confetti cannons are ideal for small events, party, photo shoot, product launch or any event where you don't want to use an electric system to launch your confetti. We keep extensive stock of confetti, streamers in both rectangles and shapes and can fill these bad boys up with almost any theme or colour scheme.

If you are looking for a professional quality, handheld confetti or streamer cannon that is safe, fun and easy to use both indoors and out, our handheld cannons make an impressive addition to any event or celebration. We have Australia’s largest range of cannons avaiable as well as just about ever colour, material, type and shape of confetti and streamers to choose from, so if you are after something particular, we can definitely custom fill our 50CM and 80CM cannons with your own choice of colours to match your theme, scheme or preference!.


The MAGICFX Handheld and Electric Cannons we sell are extensively tested by the German testing authority BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) and are certified and complying with UN3164 - SP371.

In addition all our confetti and streamers, both paper and metallic, are DIN4102-1 class B1 certified.

This is the highest attainable fire safety certification.

√ Maximum load of confetti / streamers inside
√ Comply with SP 371(1)
√ BAM tested
√ Confetti and streamers are B1 certified
√ Custom designs / fillings available on request

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Ultratec Quick Shot Launcher

A professional hand held confetti cannon which are reusable. The Handheld Shots are provided with a handheld firing mechanism. Easily fill the pipe with confetti and / or streamers, screw in a CO2 cartridge and pull the string which is attached to the firing mechanism. These handheld launchers are affordable and easy to use over and over again, easy to operate and a great effect!

The Quick Shot is a simple but very effective launcher for Streamers and Pro Fetti. Using a 16-gram CO2 Cartridge, you are able to launch these products to a height of 50´ (15 meters). It is equipped with a simple manual triggering mechanism allowing the user greater control of the effect. The Quick Shot does NOT require a lifting cup or back pressure cap. You will find this product to be very effective and affordable while maintaining quality.