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Blaso Pyrotechnics Spark FX Machines are a revolutionary fixture producing a fantastic, non-hazardous gerb / fountain effect that looks visually the same as traditional stage fireworks or jet burst pyrotechnics. Controllable and fully adjustable in height and duration. 

The SparkFX units are really versatile and a great substitute for Indoor / Stage Pyrotechnics where some of the variables and considerations don’t allow for pyro indoors whether that be clearance, height or budget as well as heritage listings and venue restrictions the SparkFX units are quickly becoming one of our most popular items in our inventory for events, shows and tours all across Australia.

Australia Wide Hire and Purchase - Please call 1800 069 007 to discuss your requirements and to ensure availability on your required dates so we can tailor a package to suit your needs - longer hire period, additional powder and excellent rate



No Pyro Licenses required and much safer than using indoor / stage pyrotechnics.

No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the units produce next to no fallout which is perfectly safe (the audience can pass their hands through the effect without any concern).

Can be used in locations where fireworks and pyrotechnics are not permitted.

Rigging time and crew requirement is dramatically reduced when compared to indoor / stage pyrotechnics, making them far more cost-effective.

Variable duration and height of the effects is achievable.

The system is ideal for permanent installations or multiple date productions as they remove the need for re-loading pyrotechnics.

Blaso Pyrotechnics have a massive inventory of Spark FX units and systems reguarly freighted to events, nightclubs and shows all across Australia.

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spark fx have many advantages over traditional pyrotechnics, one of its biggest safety features is that unlike a pyrotechnic effect like a gerb you can turn the Spark FX units off at any moment, great for risk assessments!



NEW! The first company in Australia to offer the MAGICFX Sparxtar - A real breakthrough in the special effects industry. The SPARXTAR (pronounced as SPARK-STAR) is the perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! In pyro-fireworks terms people speak about ‘gerbs’ when they speak about fountains. The SPARXTAR blows special metal powder (kind of titanium granulate) which creates cold sparks. It looks exactly like real fireworks. The big advantage is that it is not fireworks and no license or expensive insurance is needed.


The perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! The Sparxtar blows special powder which creates cold sparks. No fireworks or license needed! PRE-ORDER TODAY!



The Sparkular Pro system produces a fantastic, non-hazardous gerb effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks or jet burst pyrotechnics.

The effect is simply created using a Sparkular machine and a special granulated alloy, removing the need for gunpowder or traditional pyrotechnic techniques. The duration and height of the effect can be varied throughout a display, with sequences of 'dancing' sparks created to entertain audiences.
The Sparkular Pro system operates at such cool temperatures; the sparks themselves are not flammable. The machines are also very smart and have multiple built-in safety protocols. You can control the start and stop of the effect at anytime, and the system is keycard locked so the machine cannot be abused in any manner. You now can control the time, height, volume this has never been achieved from a machine ever. This is beginning of a new technology to the world of stage of effects.


The Sparkular Mini is the newest innovation available for indoor pyrotechnics with its DMX controlled gerb simulator. The Machines use Sparkular Mini Powder 50g packets which lasts 3-4 minutes and enable the user to regulate the height and duration of the spark effect.

The highlight of the Sparkular Mini is that as a non pyrotechnic titanium powder the Sparkular Mini effect gives you total control without any explosive content. One of its biggest safety features is that unlike a pyrotechnic effect like a gerb you can turn the Sparkular off at any moment, great for risk assessments!


The Sparkular Fall uses the same Sparkular technology to create a new silver waterfall effect. The truss mounted system saves time flying a separate bar for pyrotechnics around lighting fixtures, due to its cool non pyrotechnic composition they can sit in between lighting fixtures in your venue for quick simple rigging. 

The Sparkular fall can be controlled via DMX or from the dedicated Sparkular Controller for both your pro Sparkular system and the falls seamlessly. 

We love the Sparkular fall as they are a safe, low smoke waterfall alternative.


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