Blaso Pyrotechnics will put your event on the map with INDOOR FIREWORKS!

Indoor Fireworks  are a spectacular way to highlight a moment, emphasise a cue or enhance a performance whatever the genre of the event using specialised, reliable product. We use an exclusive range of high quality pyrotechnics that are low smoke, non-toxic and strictly designed to be used in a safe capacity indoors catering for all sizes of events and occasions.

Concept to clean-up, Blaso Pyrotechnics takes care of everything and leaves nothing to chance. A huge amount of experience, know-how and creativity come with every effect we design; clients can rest assured that the special effects will be amazing! 

Indoor Fireworks are an excellent way to transform your event from great to exceptional! With all Indoor Fireworks bookings there are quite a few variables and considerations that we need to consider, first and foremost the size and scope of the venue and event, your desired cue, scenario and when, why and how you envision the Indoor Fireworks to be used within your event, the surroundings and what is happening on stage or around the fireworks at the time, the clearance from the audience or guests... If you give us a call or shoot us through an email we will be able to provide you with the most professional advice, assistance and be able to make suggestions and recommendations accordingly.  


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