Fireworks are set off beautifully with music. Your choice of music is just as important as our choice of fireworks. Choosing an obscure piece of music that’s hard to recognize will detract from the display. The best solution is to choose a very well-known piece, or a personal favourite that the majority of your guests will be familiar with. You can even give the display a theme or set it to a popular movie soundtrack. If you are stuck for inspiration then let us use our expertise in picking the most appropriate music to match the fireworks, subject to your final approval of course!

There is a special art to designing and firing choreographed firework. The secret is not just in selecting fireworks which reflect the pace and intensity of the music exactly, it’s also in the timing to peaks and moods throughout the soundtrack.

For information, help and advice in arranging a pyromusical fireworks display for your event, we are always available to talk with you and remember there is no obligation or cost to discussing your fireworks display plans and ideas with us. 


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