#Watercannons #getwet

  • Refillable, repeatable, reliable effect
  • Powered by Liqid Co2
  • Powercon In / Out - Triggered by our SFX Controllers
  • Perfect for outdoor events and summer festivals
  • Great way to cool down crowds
  • Alternative to security guards throwing water bottles into crowds
  • Refreshing and surprising effect
  • Single Shots / Instant Effect
  • Helps to minimise heat exhaustion and dehydration.
  • Available for events with a technician across Australia

Did you know...
Blaso Pyrotechnics Water Cannons were a custom built effect for the Big Ass Tour 2016 exclusively for The Amity Affliction which were used to create a blast of water over the audience, the water cannons dumped 5 Litres of water per cannon in an instant 2 second burst showering their crowd. A surprising and refreshing effect to say the least!

Red More: http://www.blasopyrotechnics.com.au/showcase-big-ass-tour



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