Twenty Øne PilØts
Emotional Roadshow Tour 2017

Blaso Pyrotechnics supplied all pyrotechnics and special effects for Twenty Øne PilØts Australian / New Zealand leg of their Emotional Roadshow World Tour providing the band with a double drop Kabuki System, Co2 Jet System and Co2 Guns, Stadium Confetti Blasters, Arena Pyrotechnics as well as copious amounts of Red Confetti and Co2 Cylinders!

The arena tour included 2 shows in NZ (Wellington / Auckland) and 5 shows in Australia (Sydney / Brisbane / Melbourne / Adelaide / Perth)

FX List:
MagicFX Co2 Jets
MagicFX Co2 Guns
MagicFX Stadium Blasters
MagicFX Powerdrops (Kabuki System)
Stage Pyrotechnics - Concussions

Pyrotechnician: Luke Fenech