Melbourne United
2015-2016 NBL Season

Blaso Pyrotechnics were proud to provide Pyrotechnics and Special Effects for all of Melbourne United’s home games at Hisense Arena for the 2015-2016 season for a range of scenarios within pre game entertainment.

Working within a close proximity to performers, basketball players and crowd alike as well as most of the games being live to air, absolute stringent and careful attention was placed on the selection of the pyrotechnic effects. We only used a range of comets, jets, mines and flashtubes which had a low output of smoke and kept our footprint to a minimum on the court as the effects are all low debris and fallout as well as achieving the best and most spectacular effect for the space.

Pyrotechnics were setup, wired and mounted on top of 2metre truss uprights on wheeled dollys. The 'pyro stands' were wheeled out onto the court in 4 positions prior to the commencement of pre game entertainment. All effects were controlled wireless and fired on a number of different cues including
event introduction, team entrance and National Anthem.

Pyrotechnics and Special Effects during sporting games and pre/post game entertainment are a successful way to get a crowd pumped, energized and to add to the overall atmosphere of the event.

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