Altona Soccer Club

Low Noise Firework Display
Clubs 50th Anniversary

Soundtrack/s: Two Steps from Hell - To Glory

 Proving that 'quieter' fireworks have all the impact, wow factor and excitement of their louder counterparts, Blaso Pyrotechnics custom designed, choreographed and presented a Low Noise / Quiet Fireworks Display for Altona City Soccer Clubs 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Initial concerns from Hobsons Bay City Council regarding a fireworks display on the reserve were put a ease by acheiving a favourable outcome for both event organisers, relevant stakeholders and local surrounding residents by where we provided a display that was low noise, reletivaly quiet and kept our impact to a minimum with no shells, salutes or loud breaks which in itself was quite a challenge utilizing only a range of mines, comets and ground display cakes choreographed to a selected piece of music.

"The Altona City Soccer Club would like to thank Blaso Pyrotechnics for the amazing display they put on for us for our 50th anniversary, highly recommended and a great bunch of bloles as well, good stuff guys keep up the good work!!!!!"
Joseph Tanti- Altona City Soccer Club President